Environmental Impact

Con-Force Structures Ltd. recognizes that manufacturing and construction causes both positive and negative impacts on our environment and we are dedicated to operating in ways that avoid or minimize any potentially harmful impacts that may occur. We meet all environmental requirements outlined and directed by our local environmental standards, legislation, regulation and government stipulations.

Our facility has wastewater treatment on-site and has a comprehensive Operating Plan for the process of domestic wastewater treatment which allows us, through proper monitoring and maintenance, to process, reclaim, treat and reuse water, further enabling us to use less raw material and consume fewer natural resources.  We limit and control air emissions through the use of bag hoses and filters. With the use of admixtures, in very small quantities, we are able to reduce the amount of water required without contributing to emissions. We have fewer rejections than cast-in-place concrete alternatives due to consistency, which prevents waste and results in a product that is made in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Not only do we strive to use environmentally friendly materials and run our operation with safety and quality as top priorities, which reduces material waste, carbon release and environmental impact but we also strive to reduce, reuse and recycle. We consistently work towards paperless communication wherever we are able and operate within a cloud based model.  Housekeeping is a critical component of our operation that impacts all aspects of our facility and allows for a safer workplace where the employees take pride in their work, enhancing the quality of our products. We have designated recycling bins for paper, plastic, batteries, toners, cleaning chemicals electronics, glass etc. throughout the facility to eliminate the amount of garbage and toxins that are being released in our municipal landfills.