What we do and products we specialize in

Concrete Precast Products provide durability, flexibility, thermal and fire protection while providing faster construction durations with minimal disruption to the construction site.  Concrete Precast Products are manufactured in a controlled plant environment which enables products to meet a higher quality control standard than cast in place alternatives.

Our facility has the largest precast capacity in British Columbia which can manufacture up to $50 million dollars worth of product per annum.

Having in house Engineering allows us to provide a wide range of customized precast products to our customers specs. We specialize in Pre-Stressed Precast Concrete from customized Structural, Architectural and Engineered products. Our products range from heavy industrial products, bridges, parkades, stadiums, buildings, dock structures, hollowcore flooring, rapid transit lines, deck panels, box beams, double tee’s.

At Con-Force we add value for our builders by helping them achieve more energy efficiency, enhanced fire safety and soundproofing, longer life cycle values and faster construction speeds.